Record Companies

Gramex manages recording rights of record companies based on labels.

Once a record company has been registered as right holder to a label, the company will automatically receive all remuneration generated for Danish airplay on that particular label.

The airplay reports from TV/radio stations to Gramex always contain name of label for each track.

Qualify for membership?

You qualify for membership of Gramex if your company holds rights in the territory of Denmark.

This applies if:

  • Your company owns a label (full label repertoire) or
  • Your company has the rights to collect broadcasting fees for a label (full label repertoire) in the territory of Denmark through distribution, licensing or buy up. You must document your mandate by sending us a copy of the label contracts or agreements. Please note that the following information must be included in the contracts or agreements:
  1. Name of label (and sublabels)
  2. Term of the agreement (start date – end date)
  3. Territory of the agreement
  4. Neighbouring rights (broadcasting fees)
  5. Signature from both parties

How to join Gramex

If you fulfill the above, you must fill out and return the membership form.

Regional membership form (Word)
Regional membership form (pdf)

Membership of Gramex is free of charge.

If your record company is already a worldwide member of one of our international sister organizations with which Gramex has a bilateral agreement for producers, your company will receive your Danish remuneration through them.

List of international agreements

If your record company has a Danish distribution agreement regarding neighboring rights (broadcasting fees), the remuneration for Danish airplay may be collected by the distributor.

Unclaimed tracks

As an extra service for record companies Gramex has made an unclaimed tracks feature. The list contains tracks with airplay but without right holders in our system.

List of unclaimed tracks (updated 05.12.2019)
Claim form

Please note: The list contains both new and old tracks with airplay. The list may contain errors due to wrongful information received by the radio/tv reports, i.e. unprotected tracks reported as being protected.  Furthermore, Gramex may already be processing documentation received after the list was made.

Do let us know if you find tracks on the list for which you hold the rights.

More information

Statutes for Gramex


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