Music Users

Before you start using music in public you must make sure to have a music license with Gramex.  This section will tell you more about the different types of licenses Gramex can provide. If you need further help please contact one of our market consultants.


Gramex will help you with a music license if you wish to broadcast radio or TV in Denmark. Our current customers are both nationwide stations, regional stations as well as local stations. They are all registered with Gramex and pay according to their use of sound recordings in their broadcasts on TV and in Radio.


The Internet is a platform with many possibilities – e.g. webcasting and podcasting which is closely related to the radio area. Music can also add value as background music on web pages.

Background Music Services

A background music service is a service where sound recordings are copied and delivered to commercial establishments to be used as background music. The sound recordings may be delivered to commercial establishments as physical copies, through satellite, by using a closed network or by using other corresponding technique.

Other Public Performance

Any use of sound recordings at discothèques, in trains, on airplanes, in shops, at work sites, hotels etc. are also covered by a music license between the music user and Gramex. Sound recordings in e.g. ballets, dance performances, operas are also administered by Gramex.

Exclusive rights

Gramex administer a number of exclusive rights on behalf of our members. This gives us the possibility of offering our customers even more music licenses.

List of exclusive rights


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