Gramex funding

You can apply for Gramex funding at the performers’ own organizations. You do not have to be a member of Gramex nor the organization in question to apply.

Deadline for applications in 2020

20 February Dansk Skuespillerforbund
28 FebruaryDansk Artist Forbund
1 April
Dansk Musiker Forbund
1 MayDansk Organist og Kantor Samfund
24 May (tbc)
Dansk Artist Forbund
1 October
Dansk Musiker Forbund
4 OctoberDansk Artist Forbund

Continuous processing

Dansk Skuespillerforbund
Dansk Solistforbund
Dansk Kapelmesterforening
Solistforeningen af 1921
Dansk Korforbund

Apply at the organizations

You cannot apply for funding at Gramex as we handed the responsibility for funding to the performers’ own organizations. They have the right competences to make a distribution which benefits the musical scene as much as possible.

What do Gramex funding support

Within the limits of Gramex’ rules, each organization decides themselves what kind of music-promoting purposes they support, for instance releases, concerts, and training courses. This way the Gramex funding encourages the creation of new music.

What is Gramex funding

Part of the money we collect we cannot distribute individually because we are unable to identify the right holders – some customers do not report the music they use to us, some of the releases are never reported to Gramex, and some of the performing artists have not applied for membership. Consequently, we pool this so-called Gramex funding, and all performing artists can apply for funding.

Statutes for Gramex