Gramex funding

As a performing artist you can apply for funding at the Danish performer organizations. You do not have to be a member of Gramex nor the organization to apply.

Within the limits of Gramex’ rules of distribution each organization decides what kind of music-promoting purposes they support, for instance new releases, concerts, education, and training courses.

Click the links below to find information on how, when, and where to apply:

What is Gramex funding?

In accordance with the general distribution policy of the performing artists, a deduction of up to 10% of the performing artists’ total income may be made for cultural, social, and educational purposes in the areas managed by Gramex under section 68 of the Copyright Act.

To this is added the performing artists’ time-barred remuneration amounts. The remuneration is time-barred when no claim has been made within 3 years and in accordance with the general policy this remuneration is used for Gramex funding too.

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