Gramex’ member services delayed

“Hello, Gramex – are you there? When will you register me and my track list and send me a membership form? Did you forget about me?”

We are still here. And we will not forget you. But as you might already know, we are currently in the process of replacing our IT systems and implement new databases.

We are very much looking forward to this – but unfortunately, this means that you must expect delays in our member services.

This can affect you if you are currently waiting to:

  • See your track list registered and processed in our system. We are working on it, but yes, we are delayed.
  • Receive a membership form and a Gramex number from us. We promise we will not forget you.
  • Register a new label or changes in your Gramex rights as a producer. We will let you know when the systems are ready for this.

No matter what you are waiting for, the answer is the same:

Please, be patient – for just a little longer

You will not miss out on any money from us while waiting. We will not forget any airplay, track lists or right holders because of this. So, you will not lose any remuneration from Gramex. And there is no need for you to send us the same track list again.

We are doing everything we can to register all tracks and right holders in the new systems. However, if you are not registered by the end of May, you are more than welcome to get in touch with us from Tuesday May 30th and check what’s going on.

Thank you for understanding – and your patience.

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