New IT system on its way in Gramex

Something is cooking in the state of Gramex Denmark: An entirely new engine.

In Gramex, we are currently in the process of replacing our entire engine with a new and improved one. We are very much looking forward to this. And you should too.

However, a new system like this doesn’t just happen overnight. Even though we have professional developers engaged doing only this, they cannot do it without us. It’s a massive task that requires all men on deck.

Until the new system, Apollon, is up and running, we are doing everything in our power to ensure that this does not affect any of you; whether you are a performer, label, agent, management or collecting society. We are working hard to ensure everyone their usual payments and a proper service. This is important to us.

But if you do experience any delays in our services, now you know why.

Please, bear with us. This too shall pass.

You can still reach us

We are not shutting down the organization or any of our services.

So please do reach out as always, if you have any questions or need our assistance. Just bear in mind, that you might need a little patience.

Contact Gramex here

About Apollon

Our new IT system, Apollon, is already implemented in other collecting societies such as Gramex Finland.

It is being developed by the Austrian company BiConcepts IT Consulting GmbH.