New distribution for performers

The Gramex payment today is the first one after the adoption of a new distribution policy.

The members of Gramex adopted a new distribution policy at an Extraordinary General Assembly in the autumn of 2023.

This means that a socalled fixed track value has now been introduced for the performers in Gramex, as it’s already the case for the producers.

Therefore, all tracks now have the same minute value, regardless of the number of performers. And as something new, the remuneration on the track is shared among the performers according to their role as featured artist (FA) or non-featured artist (NFA) on the track.

From 10 to 2 categories

As part of rethinking the distribution, the performers on the Gramex Board have decided on a set of new and more simple distribution rules.

As for the lineup, we will only distinguish between featured artist (FA) or a non-featured artist (NFA), and the distribution depends on the total number of FA/NFA’s on the track. We still have roles codes, but they are now for identification purposes only. 

To create the best balance in the distribution between featured and non-featured artists, rules have been introduced regarding minimum shares. As a starting point, a minimum of 50 % of the remuneration for a track is distributed to the featured artists (FA). But if the number of non-featured artists (NFA) is more than 35, the following rules apply:

35-45 NFA = 40 % to FA
46-55 NFA = 35 % to FA
56+ NFA = 30 % to FA 

Implementation in 2 phases

The new rules of distribution will be implemented in two phases.

In phase 1, which has been implemented, fixed track value has been introduced and old role codes have been translated into FA/NFA categories on already registered repertoire. The changes in this first phase apply to all registrations; old ones as well as new ones.

In phase 2, we will implement, among other things, two new rules, which will apply to all new registrations:

  • A new role as “artistic producer” that gives producers the opportunity to get a share in the Gramex remuneration when they exercise the overall responsibility for the artistic expression of the recording, much similar to the contribution of a conductor with an orchestra.

  • A new option for performers to be awarded for contributing with up to three instruments on the same track, which gives the performer a bigger share of the track’s value.

We are currently working to implement phase 2 and will inform you when the systems are ready for these new rules.

About the new distribution

In short, the performers on the Gramex board wanted to modernize the distribution towards a system that is more simple, more transparent, better reflects practice in the industry today, automates work processes and reduces the amount of manual work.


If you have any questions regarding the new distribution for performers, please do contact us on e-mail: