The rules are changing in 2024

The Ministry of Culture’s amendment of the foreign executive order on copyright will affect both customers and rights holders in Gramex from 2024.

From January 1, 2024, Gramex will start collecting payment for repertoire that we have not previously charged for. This is because we are required to represent sound recordings from, among others, the United States, alongside the repertoire we already represent.

The expansion of Gramex’s repertoire is a result of a ruling by the EU Court of Justice in 2020. Denmark is obligated to comply with EU rules, and therefore, the Ministry of Culture has amended Danish regulations, effective from January 1, 2024.

The new rules will have an impact on both customers, who pay Gramex to play music in public, and rights holders, to whom Gramex distributes the remuneration.

What does it mean for customers?

The new rules mean that our customers will experience having to pay more, as they will now have to pay for music that has been free to use until now. The increase will correspond to the expansion of the repertoire managed by Gramex.

Gramex will engage in dialogue with all customers in the coming period and prepare them for the changes. We fully understand that customers need time to adapt to the higher tariffs. Therefore, the new tariffs will be phased in gradually over the coming years.

Customers who use music in shops, cafes, restaurants, etc., will learn more about what the new rules mean to them in the coming months.

What does it mean for rights holders?

The new rules mean that performing artists, including Danish musicians, have the right to remuneration if they perform on, for example, an American release played on Danish radio. Thus, from next year, it will be even more important to register your international repertoire in Gramex.

Similarly, for labels and producers, the new rules mean that from 2024, they have the right to remuneration for airplay in Denmark of, for example, an American repertoire for which they hold producer rights.

As a consequence of the new rules, Gramex must distribute the remuneration we collect from our customers among a larger group of rights holders. We strive to ensure that the payment from our customers corresponds to the larger group of rights holders – that customers should pay one-to-one to use American repertoire. Our job is to secure the rights of performing artists and producers, and we work thoroughly to ensure full and fair payment to all rights holders.

More information for rights holders will follow in the new year. The first distribution of remuneration to rights holders for the new and expanded repertoire will take place in June 2025.


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