How to join Gramex

Are you a third party representative?

If you are a third party representative (agent or collecting agency), we need:

  • A scan of the membership form (only valid with the performers’ original or electronic signature*)
  • A scan of the signed power of attorney where the performers appoint you to act on his/her behalf
  • A scan of the passport/drivers license of the applicant in order to confirm their signature
  • A complete discography (or as close to). Only discographies in Gramex’ format and with sufficient information will be accepted

Regional membership form (Word) – right click to save file
Regional membership form (PDF)

Discography – repertoire information form (xls) – right click to save file

Electronic signature: We accept membership forms signed electronically only via DocuSign, GetAccept and AdobeSign, when the signature is subject to a Government ID (passport or driver’s license) verification and the agent can provide us with sufficient documentation of this verification.

In addition to the above, please note:

  • Send only one e-mail per performer, and one performer per e-mail
  • If the performer is or was represented in Denmark by another society or agent: Attach a copy of the termination note with a confirmed resignation date from the previous representative
  • Send all documents at the same time in order for us to accept the application. You will need to resend all documents if the application is not accepted
  • Please send your application to