How to join Gramex

Are you living outside Denmark with no Danish repertoire?

Before filling out the membership form, please contact us at Maybe a membership at Gramex Denmark is not the right thing for you.

Worldwide or Regional membership

Worldwide membership means that Gramex collects remuneration in all the territories within which we have an agreement (see list below). A regional membership is for the territory of Denmark only. Please state at the membership application if you want a worldwide membership. If you want Gramex to represent you in several, but not all, territories, please contact us for further information.

If you are already a worldwide member of one of our international sister societies, you will automatically receive your Danish remuneration through them.

Please note that the application should be submitted electronically – via e-mail – containing attachments:

  • A scan of membership form (only valid if signed personally by hand or electronic signature*)
  • Your full discography. Only discographies in Gramex’ format and with sufficient information will be accepted

Regional membership form (Word) – right click to save file
Regional membership form (PDF)

Discography – repertoire information form (xls) – right click to save file

Electronic signature: We accept membership forms signed electronically via services such as DocuSign or GetAccept if the signature is subject to ID (passport) verification and if the agent can provide us with sufficient documentation of this verification.